J.L. Berlue

Jiggler Lord Berlue is a throwback to the late 18th Century world of dandies, cads and “Jigglers”. Of extravagant lifestyles (and wardrobes to match), and in particular our namesake Lord Berlue, the epitome of the devil-may-care Jiggler, and nicknamed as such by his friends. 

His self obsessed passion for fine tailoring and flamboyant detailing was the driving force behind his original shirting designs and is the influence behind today’s reincarnation of these fabulously individual shirts. 

Designed in Manchester and launched in 2011, we continue to produce shirts with a distinct signature of elegance and individuality, using quality fabrics to echo the finest tailoring influences. Using only the finest pima cotton, each shirt is embellished with individual touches, the signature embroidered cuff and branded buttons. 

Moving the brand into the 21st Century, the introduction of polo shirts brings a tailored influence and sophisticated edge to more casual garments, so you never need to compromise on style.  

Attention to detail, beautiful fabrics and an eccentric design twist pay homage to Lord Berlue's iconic approach to men’s shirting.

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